1 Getting started

1.1 What does the TeXConverter do?

The TeXConverter can convert LaTeX-documents into other formats (currently HTML, XDoc and a Wiki markup format (for Horde's Wicked Wiki)).

1.2 What is it good for?

The goal is to be able to write most texts in a single, widely accepted format with a large selection of text structuring elements (LaTeX), and to automatically convert it to various different presentation forms as needed, expanding the usability of LaTeX further. This project should be interesting to people who frequently create documents which are needed in several different presentation forms, e.g. a project documentation which should be viewable with a web browser (e.g. HTML), should be sent to a customer/end user (e.g. PDF) and used (maybe partly) in some Wiki-system.

1.3 How can I use it?

All possible usages are explained in the User Documentation.